first week on the road

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hello from ethiopia,
right now im in the land of ferfer (stew with enjera (sour pancake) and tibs (bits of cow), lots of patries, burgers and pizza, so the food here isnot so great, though we did have a big feast of raw meat chunks (cow), tibs and ferfer. All the animals are slain the morning of tjhe day so its all pretty clean, the raw cow was like sushimi.
Addis is a crazy place, everything is exciting heaps of great art galleries and musems and the people are friggen rad, we keep getting escorted by so called "friendly students" who are all very nice and have told us heaps but we're still a bit unsure what there game is. also spent some time with Tom's uncle, Henry who is married to an ethiopian woman, Martha and  heis a real skeemer, he's a gold prospector who tells all these frontier storiesabout living in Africa and working all around Africa  and Martha is a lovely women who loves to entertain and tell us about ethiopia, especially after a glass of ouzo. oh and the coffee, the coffee is the best in the world. compared the Bangkok, this town is really something allthough very dirty and poor.
Henry and Martha also took us to the Addis Hilton, which was  crazy, the ammount of wealth incredible.
But finally we have chanced upon great music as well, we ran into this little bar where there was a drummer a man playing a traditional kind of one string guitar and then the women in there big voluptuous voices singing  freestyle songs and sing what seem to be traditional Ethiopian tunes while shaking their voluptuuous bodies especially in romain's face.
peace and love, 
from all the crew 
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brianna 03/06/2010 15:43

amici miei, beautiful friends. nice to hear of youur african escapades, your feasts on flesh of the uncooked animals and voloptuous women... sounds wonderful! avocado and mango juice... i am
filled with a tropical envy, ah to go where the avocados grow! tell me (us) more, more, more. and some photos would be nice. i am still in beautiful tuscany enjoying sunshine after rain and
gifting my touch of chaos to the buddhist institute, which is offering me in return dharma teachings, warm smiles and shelter from the wild world. gaby is here as well, and
we are both so happy for you and inspired by your adventures. much love.  

Fab 30/05/2010 06:20

Yo yo yooooooooo! What's going on my friends??! Good to have news and know that you are safe! Don't get too sick though.. I know, easier to say than to actually do. On my side, things are ok,
just as usual. Good but in need of change... I would give everything to change my life to yours right now so please please pleeeease make the most out of this amazing adventure. Missing you all
very much right now... Much love. Be safe, Jah bless.

Jon 21/05/2010 05:29

Some photos please, des photos s'il vous plais!