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Hello from Kenya! We've made it past the treturous grips of Moyale boarder , through the black stoned dessert- untouched by bandits or the infamous rains and to the dusty town of Masabit (sp?) where we have rested, found faster internet than in  Ethiopia and filled our bellies with Sadza.  Lovely. We had read so much on the net about the trip being a risky one but found out in the end that it was no longer the case.....just more so an uncomfortable one. We crammed into the back a 4 wheel drive that should have sat 6 people---with 8 others and some extra baggage. The game "sardines" was high on my mind.  A "4 hour trip" worked out to be an 8 hour trip....and the dessert sand gripped to our clothes and faces for a ride to town.
The beer at the end of the journey was SO delicious and the bucket of hot water we were given to bathe ourselves was even better!


WE spent the day hanging around and exploring the ruggerd town. Its a dust bowl here with several different tribes drifting through, some adorned with large ear plugs and beads completely covering their necks and shoulders...with weapons of all sorts tied around their belts and spectacular head creasts adorned with feathers and other colouurful things! We're slept in a Muslim inn where "prostitution is strictly prohibited" ( a nice change from some of our former "retreats") and crude paintings coat the wall of the court yard. It's a surreal and interesting place. The food is a lovely change, with much more variety and a lack of the fermented tastes that Ethiopians thrive on ( a taste which I got over in my vomitting  spree just a couple of days before we got out).


Paul hired a  motorbike to explore the surrounding area. He got 10 km out of town to an enormous crator in the earth and in his exporation excitment, burst his front tire and found the darkness enveloping him .  Luckily he had a newely bought sim card from that day ion his phone!I belive the sounds of the Hyena's started not so long after he made a call to be rescued and he danced and threw stones in every direction to keep the timid monsters  at bay. Our rescue search failed and returned to the town for reception to find out his location! The owners of the bike arrived surrounded by home boys where we were to retrieve their property and the bargining for drivers and trucks to help us began at radiculous rates! Paul appered bike free at some point with a kind fleet of passers by who wouldn't leave him with the darkness! haha. Thank goodness. We were helped by a very kind man who we travelled from Moyalle with in that cramped truck and the bike was finally back in it's owners grips past midnight///////



On to Nairobi!





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manou 08/06/2010 18:18

Super ce début de voyage ! Merci de nous tenir au courant de vos aventures, j'epère que l'on pourra bientôt regarder des photos. Bisous à vous tous.