Welcome to Addis Ababa

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Short message to say we're all in Addis, happy and smiling! Too many crazy visions and stories to describe just now... Poverty is crazy, expected, but still quite shocked for me at least; people are wonderful to us, showing us around, bringing us to eat raw meat, chew chat, drink avocado and mango juices and Tej, a local honey beer. Goodness! But all feeling a bit stomach sick already haha! We'll have to get used to it!

We have a phone number if you want to contact us, it's free for us, but possibly expensive for you: +251 920 807 244.

Kisses from all and proper updates to come soon!

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claudia stephenson 09/06/2010 23:59

hello Shannon , I'm Paul's Mum . I just found your site and am enjoying reading your news Much love to you all Claudia