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  • Bushstyle in Samburu Land

    25 juin 2010

    As I write, a group of Samburu and Borana women, covered with endless amounts of bead necklaces, bracelets and earings, are having a meeting a few meters away…some cows belonging to the Samburu tribe were stolen by young warriors from the Borana tribe,...

  • From Kenya to Uganda

    30 septembre 2010

    Well, long time no see the old update on the blog, hey!Everyday I’d put it off to the next day and soon enough it'd been three months without a word! Reality is we've been enjoying life a bit too much to spend time sitting in front of a screen. So what's...

  • Bits and pieces from Kenya to Uganda

    01 octobre 2010

    A few images stuck in my mind... Paddling alone at sunset in a dugout canoe on a saltwater wind, not a wrinkle on the water, red and orange reflections, making my way back to our candle-lit wooden sail boat on which we are all staying for the...

  • We are all mango trees

    20 décembre 2010

    Dugout canoe on Lake Malawi Since the last update, a bomb has exploded in the group and the remainings are spread out over a few countries. Zimbabwe and South Africa for Tom, Shan and Paul. In Capetown Tom is working for a sweet radio station (

  • A trip on the east coast of Africa

    17 avril 2010 ( #Articles )

    Some may have known this blog a while back. At the time, the idea was to try to keep contact with all these people I could feel fading away as I left for Australia. But I soon realized that spending hours alone facing a screen to keep a blog alive was...

  • Welcome to Addis Ababa

    11 mai 2010

    Short message to say we're all in Addis, happy and smiling! Too many crazy visions and stories to describe just now... Poverty is crazy, expected, but still quite shocked for me at least; people are wonderful to us, showing us around, bringing us to eat...

  • first week on the road

    18 mai 2010

    hello from ethiopia, right now im in the land of ferfer (stew with enjera (sour pancake) and tibs (bits of cow), lots of patries, burgers and pizza, so the food here isnot so great, though we did have a big feast of raw meat chunks (cow), tibs and ferfer....

  • Addis to Moyale

    05 juin 2010

    From Addis we head to Ziwai ... A smallish town on the road south -well known for its ancient churches situated on Islands dotted around Lake Ziway. We walk to the lake the first morning and are confronted by a violent man with facial scars who demands...

  • Kenya

    08 juin 2010

    Hello from Kenya! We've made it past the treturous grips of Moyale boarder , through the black stoned dessert- untouched by bandits or the infamous rains and to the dusty town of Masabit (sp?) where we have rested, found faster internet than in Ethiopia...

  • Bits and pieces from Ethiopia and Kenya

    30 juin 2010

    Too many times there’s been amazing images and stories which the camera wasn’t able to capture… - Night walk on the streets of the Ethiopian side of Moyale… Barely any electricity around, a few lights here and there in hotels. The streets all look dark,...

  • Turtle Conservation Project

    13 mars 2007 ( #Articles )

    FREEDOM!!! ... good luck! L a Mamma

  • Cap Tribulation lifestyle

    15 mars 2007 ( #Articles )

    Welcome to North Queensland...

  • Aquatic friends - Townsville aquarium internship

    15 mars 2007 ( #Articles )

    View from the inside of the Predator Tank Leopard shark loving style The Crown-of-Thorns Turtle ride Coral Cod Young Green Turtle Painted Crayfish Red Emperor An old friend A lazy friend

  • Electricssss

    10 juin 2007 ( #Articles )

    Le Flying Fox - un renard volant - quelques temps apres une electrocution fatale...

  • Bufo marinus

    02 août 2007 ( #Articles )

    Cane Toad by night

  • Island times

    01 août 2007 ( #Articles )

    Apres quelques semaines de balades dans de jolies petites iles, me voila de retour sur Brisbane, des couleurs et des images pleins les yeux... Heron Island Seagull reflections Low tides on Stradbroke Island Des petits Pêcheurs Hard life on the Whisunday...

  • A good friend

    03 août 2007 ( #Articles )

    Le python Gargamel

  • Just a tree

    02 octobre 2007

    Assieds-toi près d'un vieux chène Et compare le à la race humaine L'oxygène et l'ombre qu'il t'ammène Mérite-t-il les coups de hache qui le saigne ? Tryo Elanda Point Townsville Tasmania

  • Mother and child

    23 avril 2010

    By Shannon Murphy

  • Struggle

    03 mai 2010

    Struggle, by Shannon Murphy

  • Freedom?

    03 mai 2010

    This is Freedom?, on film, by Steve Saines

  • North Queensland fishing style...

    11 mars 2007 ( #Articles )

  • Good times in Gabibi land...

    13 septembre 2007 ( #Articles )