Addis to Moyale

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From Addis we head to Ziwai ... A smallish town on the road south -well known for its ancient churches situated on Islands dotted around Lake Ziway. We walk to the lake the first morning and are confronted by a violent man with facial scars who demands money for the use of his road - behind him a wild dog tears at the throat of a dead horse and hammercops and vultures stalk the parstures... We treck down another road and through swampy pastures to a small fishing port...we eat fried Tilapia with chilli and chat with the naked boys who stand atop small log rafts.... Next day we go fishing - use "Atile" as bait (small fly larvae) and catch small fish amongst the reeds... From Ziwai we head to Sodo- a town drentched in filth beyond description- we sleep in a brothel that pumps dancehall music all night long - at four a.m a giant speaker outside our window issues a bellowing call to prayer.. A policeman then apprehends us for travelling without a permit during an election and restrains us in a hotel - we argue for several hours - romain calls Sarkozy who sets everything in order and we catch a bus to Arbaminch.. Arbaminch is truly amazing- bus breaks down on the way and we sit on the side of the road startiling yourng tribesmen...When we arrive view is spectacular - the whole of africa falls away into the great lakes region...incredible views and ominously curios baboons...Tom waxes lyrical about the significance (both geological and evolutionary biological) of the region...a beautifull and imaginative man...a great orator..a king.. next we head to Dorze a small kingdon in the clouds where we slay a goat and drink what is undoubtedly the most potent and discusting substance known to man -garlic arake. brewed in the village - we sleep in traditional huts- strange domes made from false bananananana.... Next Konso - very interesting permaculture village where we volunteer and build a fairly robust chicken coop..steve romain and paul speak nonsense ,,,shan makes siugns and designs a logo for the place - we help a derranged italian from the italian department of foreign affairs try to convince villagers who cant speak english that permaculture is the key to development - very strange.. wonderful though- konso- go there Bus to the dreaded moyale - frontier of kenya- shannon gets food poisining and car sickness simultaneously - we hit a giant camel which flies through the air-- tribesmen and bus triber argue late into the night as to how much is owed..shannon lies in acia scrub moaning defacating and vomiting..but still maintains gracefull air... make it to moyale- dangerous territory- all is well--- next lorry to marsabit all our love\ will send very interesting photos (video of fightings dogs/goat executiong and ofcore exorcism on the way) love tom and other odorous travelerrs/the pen one birr give us--highland!!
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Fonfon 08/06/2010 11:15


Good to have some news of ur amazing trip. Hope everything is still going well. Would love to be with u guys out there. Post some pictures Romain whenever u have some time!!

One love to the TRAVELLERS!!

Christine 05/06/2010 14:52

Superbe voyage d'une superbe équipe d'amis à la découverte du berceau de l'humanité. Ne cessez jamais de poursuivre votre rêve. Je vous embrasse.